Ordering hoops

Owing to prohibitively high delivery costs, we take hoop orders primarily from those attending classes so we can deliver by hand.

Courier delivery is generally about £10 per hoop if you order online, however should you decide you want a hoop from Hoopswhirled, I'd be happy to make it for you. 

Just complete the form below to let me know what you have in mind. I'll confirm the details and clarify your order, then organise your payment.

Once the details have been sorted out, your hoop will be made and sent to you as quickly as possible.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Hoopswhirled hoops are made using strong, good quality materials. Directions for use and care are supplied with each hoop, together with basic hooping instructions.
  2. Hoops are made when ordered - all sales are final, this includes clearance hoops.
  3. Please make sure you have ordered the correct size hoop!
    We cannot replace a hoop if you discover it is too large to use in your bedroom / living room! Please check that the diameter hoop you wish to order is suitable, if you intend to use it in a confined space.  See "what size hoop" for more details. If you need to change the size or colours for any hoop ordered, you MUST get in touch by email within 12 hours of placing your order, after which we cannot make any changes.
  4. Hoopswhirled is not responsible for any issues arising from improper or inappropriate use or storage of any hoop. Please avoid distorting your hoop or exposing it to extremes of temperature or humidity.
  5. Please note, at present standard hoops (ie fixed, not folding) are only available within the UK. If you want a hoop sent anywhere other than the UK, please order a travel hoop via our order form. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to agree any additional shipping costs and ensure that your hoop is sent to you in the most economical way possible.
  6. Tape colours and availability may vary for reasons beyond our control. We will do our best to match the colours you have selected but if for any reason we cannot provide the colour you have chosen, we will contact you to agree an alternative.
  7. Hoops generally weigh in the region of 650 grams and upwards for lightweight hoops, and from 730 grams and upwards for standard weight hoops. We do not add any weight to our hoops, but they are made from heavier materials which result in a heavier hoop which will weigh more than plastic children's hoops which can be bought in a shop. We cannot replace a hoop if you think it is 'too heavy' for you. Please check the weight before ordering if you have any concerns.
  8. All hoops are handmade and therefore sizes can vary slightly.
  9. Please allow 7-10 days for your order to be processed and sent to you. Please allow sufficient time! If your order is intended as a gift, please let us know.
  10. Hoops are carefully checked before being despatched. In the unlikely event there is a problem with a hoop, we will do our best to put it right and ensure you are happy. If your hoop needs to be replaced, we will happily do this on receipt of the damaged or faulty hoop. If a hoop is found to be faulty, we will provide one replacement, free of charge, provided the damaged hoop is returned for inspection as soon as possible and in the original packaging.
  11. Please ensure that any hoop being returned to us is properly packaged and addressed, as Hoopswhirled is not responsible for damage in transit, or non-receipt of any returned goods. When returning any item, please wrap it in the same way as when it was sent to you, with adequate labelling and include your return address in the event of non-delivery. Please note:- hoops cannot be posted via Royal Mail as they have recently raised their prices and changed their options. To return a hoop, you will have to book a courier, as this is the most economical way to send hoops at present. We recommend you use Interparcel and opt for the most economical option using a service you recognise. We cannot reimburse any postage costs for returned items. If you tell us that you do not require a replacement hoop, Hoopswhirled will refund the original amount paid, minus postage, once the faulty or damaged hoop has been returned and inspected.
  12. Nothing lasts forever - with normal use and care hoops can be expected to last for six months to a year, sometimes much longer. However, deterioration in tape quality or coverage is unavoidable. Travel hoops are subjected to additional stresses due to being folded down, but with proper use we would expect them to be good for at least three to six months - they frequently last a lot longer. If you experience problems with your hoop within two months of purchase, please contact us to discuss options.
  13. Hooping is generally a very safe activity, but please remember that it is still a physical workout. We urge you to check with your doctor before undertaking any new or different exercise regime, or if you have any health concerns. Hoopswhirled is not responsible for any physical problems or health issues arising from or directly or indirectly attributable to the use of hoops, hooping or any related activities.
  14. Any details you provide when placing your order are treated as confidential - we do not share information with third parties under any circumstances.