Hoop Care

As a general rule, if you are hooping inside it is best to practice on wooden floor or carpet.

– If you are hooping outside, find an area that is either grassy or extremely smooth.

– Avoid abrasive surfaces like tarmac or concrete.

– Concrete or paving will not be kind to your hoop.

– Hard or abrasive surface (including very dry earth) will rapidly damage the decorative tape on your hoop when it falls. Hoops ALWAYS fall, especially when you are starting out, or when you are trying something new.

Keep your hoop away from extremes of temperature: –

– Don’t leave it in strong sunlight or in a warm car, and

– Avoid resting it against a hot radiator.

Prolonged exposure to heat can warp the pipe and may soften or melt the glue on the tape, leaving you with a sticky surface or poor finish.

– Avoid bending, pulling on or overly distorting your hoop

– do not allow it to be used for games like “tug of war”.

Treat your hoop with respect and it will last you long into your hoop journey.

Hoopswhirled hoops are NOT sold as toys and are intended for recreational / fitness use by adults.