2017 – what will it bring?

If you are a bit like me and began the year wondering whether to come out fighting, or just stay under the covers and whimper, then you know that we may have an ‘interesting’ year ahead. National and global politics have diverted into crazyland, and politicians and governments seem to have forgotten that they are there to serve the people…

Not so, hoopers and hoop teachers.  We are aware of the rhythm, ebb and flow of movement, and understand that what goes around comes around (sorry – I just had to!!)

So… keep hooping, stay as upbeat as you can and come and join me (or anyone, really) in a group hooping situation so that we can all be positive and happy together for a while.

The more positive energy we can put out into the world, the better it will become.  Let’s all hoop with the intention that this year will be better, brighter and happier than we could ever imagine.

Wishing you the best and brightest year ahead and looking forward to hooping with you soon.

Hertsmere hooping to continue!

image7Having accepted that all good things come to an end, I had a conversation with my lovely contact at Hertsmere where she told me she would like the classes to carry on for another month. Surprised and pleased, I have agreed, so – all you Hertfordshire hoopers… please come and hoop with me at Bushey Academy and 96 Shenley Road.

We can now twirl into November**, so lots of opportunities to learn new moves and get hooping as the days grow shorter.

Hoop to see you all again soon!

**Postscript! Classes have now been scheduled into 2017!

New website – same spin

Hi – if you are a regular visitor, you will notice that things have changed a little bit around here. I’ve revamped the site a little to bring it up to date so that it is easier for me to manage (and easier for the search engines to find!!)

This has not been a hoop-friendly Summer so far, weather wise. It reminds me of 2007, which was when I set up my north London Hoop Club. I made the mistake of choosing the venue based on how beautiful the interior was, rather than economics, which is why, even though I loved the hall and the location, the hoop club could not continue. [ sad face ]

Add to that my enforced move out of north London and things really had to change. So here we are. Rainy 2016 and I’m wondering whether it might be worth reviving the Hoop Club… with a different venue (hopefully equally accessible) and a slightly changed format. If that is something you’d like and you are willing to support the event (this means turning up each month, or as often as you can!), then I’ll start the ball rolling. Or should that be the hoop?!
If you are keen, email me and let me know!

Have a hoopy day.